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  Some things to remember about moisture:

Moisture evaporates from the soil, including the soil in your crawl space;
A healthy foundation is the key to the well-being of your home;
Properly ventilating your crawl space is very important to the integrity of your foundation;
An unventilated foundation is subject to excessive moisture levels, leading to costly damages;
Mold, mildew, and fungi grow at moisture levels of 20% and higher;
Allergies and asthma problems are aggravated with excessive moisture;
Termites are drawn to warm, damp, unventilated crawl spaces.

If the wood members have reached the saturation point, the drying-out process should be designed to work slowly in order to reduce warpage, shrinkage, and splitting of the wood. One method we use to correct excessive moisture levels is a polyethylene vapor barrier. This barrier is spread across the ground in your crawl space, covering 100% of the exposed soil. This traps moisture below the barrier, allowing the floor system to dry.

Another way to properly regulate crawl space moisture levels is the use of Temp-Vent automatic foundation vents. The Temp-Vent is a self-closing and opening foundation vent that uses a thermocouple coil to close the vent during cold weather and open the vent gradually as the temperature increases. We simply remove your old vents and install your new Temp-Vents in the existing openings without defacing the foundation. We can even place a foundation vent where no vent existed originally.
Image courtesy of Temp-Vent, Inc.

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