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  No other structural pest has brought more attention to itself than the termite. Termites are present in all states, except Alaska, though they tend to be found more in the southern regions. On the average, termites infest one home in fifty, causing an estimated $1 billion in property damage per year, nationwide. That's more destruction than is caused by fire, hurricanes, and tornadoes combined. Without the proper treatment, all types of homes are vulnerable to termites.

Termites are so damaging, in part, due to their long life spans. A queen can live up to 30 years. The average colony has anywhere from 60,000 to 1,000,000 workers. A mature colony with 60,000 workers can devour a one-foot 2x4 in 157 days. Once a structure is infested, the termites work constantly, year-round, feeding on the sub-flooring. Most infested homes have more than one colony feeding on its members.

Since termites can work undetected for many years, most homeowners do not know they have termites until the insects suddenly emerge, by the thousands, from around window and door frames or cracks in walls or floors. This is referred to as a swarm, and it occurs in the spring, usually in the afternoon after a rain shower.

Call us today, and we will:

Inspect your crawl space, cement slab, garage, and attached storage rooms;
Check your floor system for excessive moisture.
Give you a no-obligation estimate for treatment;

Our full treatment comes with a 12-month guarantee. Ask about our Annual Termite Inspection Protection Program. We also inspect and issue the Official North Carolina Wood Destroying Insect Information Report for properties being sold or refinanced.


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